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We provide the most suitable solutions according to information collected from clients at English-speaking consultations.

Our one-stop service manages the process comprehensively, from the creation of Japanese content to digital marketing in Japan.

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SEO Japanese Content Creation Service

Based in Japan, we are an article writing service agency with 10 years of experience implementing SEO.

Capable of handling
high volume orders

We are experts in writing Japanese articles.

Excellent proofreading service

Over 120 proofreaders with extensive experience

A unique writing-production system

We can fulfill various regulations based on your needs.

Unit price per letter: 10 yen~

We provide high quality articles at reasonable prices.

Japanese writing using English reference documents

No need to worry if you only have English reference documents, we can still write the Japanese article via English sources.

Great experience
in the SEO service

We have over 10 years of experience in the SEO consultation service

Reach 117+ million Japanese users with a flexible Digital Marketing company in Tokyo

Japan has the world’s third-largest economy, with 117+ million internet users making it a large and important market. For businesses looking to enter a foreign market, Japan is an obvious choice.

But business in Japan is never easy, with several hurdles to overcome that include language, culture, and local competition. There are very few Japanese people who can speak good English and you need a solid understanding of Japan’s customs and culture to make an impact.

 Cakutama is a Japanese digital marketing company located in Tokyo, with a team of experienced Japanese staff who can conduct marketing research for English-speaking customers. We specifically focus on the SEO of Japanese content in order to create profitable content that will reach users.


We deliver creative solutions using our combination of language and organization skills

We create articles that attract customers in Japan

Cakutama has been pursuing solutions to "fulfill the needs of Japanese users" for over 10 years by creating articles utilizing Search Engine Optimization. We have also been successful in continuing long-term contracts as an SEO consultant with a number of businesses, including stock-listed major EC companies.

Article writing in a variety of genres

We have successfully created articles in a diverse array of genres, such as medicine, finance, real estate, food, games, and employment-related. We can respond to a variety of client needs, including concentrated job orders delivering more than 1,000 articles a month and technical-based writing.

Progress management of
high volume projects

Harnessing our strong project management skills, we have successfully achieved the following large-scale business management cases by maintaining strict job deadlines and quality control:
• Management and operation of government projects to record/digitalize 8,000 human voices.
• Digitalization of 600 human data samples within 60 days.

Three advantages you get when supported by a Cakutama director!

We have abundant knowledge and are great at attracting Japanese customers

You can enjoy peace of mind that your project will be delivered successfully,  even if you have no experience with content creation and/or media management in Japan. As your articles are being created, our in-house directors oversee the process and provide advice, drawing on their abundant knowledge of customer collection and how to boost the close rate. When creating articles for customer acquisition, results can vary, depending on the fundamentals of the SEO. Because we are involved in the initial stages of the article creation procedure and determine the writing rules, we believe the cost-effectiveness of the following stage is enhanced.

Reduction of expenses

From organizing Japanese writers to giving instructions and handling the payment process, you can leave everything to us and focus on other essential tasks, such as developing your website direction. Expenses for the entire project can be reduced by ordering Japanese articles with us and handling the final checking of articles yourself.

Reduce the volume of revisions and proofreading

Issues can occur when the volume of articles and writers increases, sometimes resulting in low-quality articles being published without adequate revision. In other situations, articles are waiting to be revised and are start accumulating without getting published. At Cakutama, we maintain our high-quality of article production as our directors expertly manage writers and revision staff to meet deadlines.

Our clients


Travel related web content
We compiled useful travel information in Japanese about flights, airports, hotels and tourist spots to attract users to their website. The aim was to increase the pageviews through high-quality content, thereby increasing the purchase rate of their travel products.

Libertad Japan LLC

Press Release
We created press releases for imported GPS receivers, with an easy-to-understand explanation of features and the differences between previous models. These press releases were published in Japanese media outlets, such as the PR TIMES.

Leica Microsystems

Product Introduction
We helped to create informative content about their microscopes, lens quality control, and proposals on corporate quality control initiatives.

Our expertise is in dealing with the following issues:

  • I want to expand my business into Japan and sell my products but I cannot find a company that can prepare Japanese-language articles for us while being able to communicate effectively in English.
  • I cannot complete my article writing tasks by the required deadline because the number of articles we are aiming to create is too many.
  • Uploading to CMS takes too long due to complications related to its specs and designs.
  • We have been sent articles by previous contractors that have been copy-pasted from elsewhere (causing issues in our company) and we don’t have time to check all the content provided.

Our professionalism in Japanese content creation

Our experienced content marketing and SEO staff will create a draft of your articles by referring to research data on Japanese markets. This

includes keywords that are often used in search engines and the types of articles your competitors are using to successfully attract customers. Our article creation planning process is determined by referring to this data objectively, without relying on the sense and experience of editors.

Thanks to the internet and the lack of necessary qualifications, anyone can become a writer these days. But not everyone can create high-quality articles when they don’t have the experience or skills. Our company conducts writers’ tests to maintain the quality of articles we provide. The test determines their writing skills and only those who successfully pass the test are registered as writers with our company. To illustrate the standards we require, only one-tenth of applicants pass this test.

After passing the test, we begin by sending a small volume job to each writer and only select those to continue the job who produce high-quality work. Only around one-third of people who initially pass the test eventually secure a job with Cakutama. In other words, our current writers have managed to be successful in this selection process with a competitive rate of 30 to 1.

In situations where an editor and writer have a one-on-one relationship and only the editor understands the entire schedule, it’s difficult to handle high volume jobs well.
In order to upload a certain number of articles to your website regularly, it is necessary to systemize deadline management.
Our in-house developed system allows us to understand the progress of the writers and editors on a real-time basis. Using this system, we can identify jobs showing slow progress that may not meet deadlines and can take action to rectify the situation at early as possible.

We create Japanese articles that take into consideration SEO by researching relevant keywords and reflecting the customer acquisition methods of competitors. Our writing service can include all the basic factors of SEO, such as titles, descriptions and headlines.

We can also deliver our articles with HTML tags for headlines and paragraphs on request, which can reduce fuss at the time of website publication.
Cakutama has been pursuing solutions to “fulfill the needs of Japanese users” for over ten years. We have also been successful in continuing long-term contracts as an SEO consultant with a number of businesses, including a stock-listed major EC.

No matter the genre, writers with knowledge and experience can create better quality articles compared to those with none. Our experienced writers have a solid understanding of the purpose, background and technical terms of the articles they’re creating, as well as points that may attract or confuse readers.

Our skilled writers come from a variety of backgrounds that include licensed attorneys and ex-journalists, ensuring we can satisfy the needs of clients requiring highly technical content.
We have delivered articles in various genres, such as medicine, finance, real estate, food, and gaming.
We will allocate your order to the most suitable writers by looking into their past experience.

“Although we have decided to update 10 articles each month, we did so only in the first two months and stopped updating after that”. Similar comments have been made by countless website managers and media coordinators. It is very difficult for them to update articles continuously while dealing with unexpected or more urgent jobs.

Our company has a number of in-house staff who are an experts in editing and proofreading. They can update additional articles for your website and create relevant media, as well as distributing instructions and revising the content of articles. In this way, your staff will no longer need to communicate with writers, eliminating them from burdensome tasks that include invoicing and payment calculations, and deadline management.

At Cakutama, we have handled several high volume jobs, one of which required the delivery of 500 articles a month from over 100 writers.
Our in-house system for deadline and quality control effortlessly manages the job progress and has been established to handle the creation of Japanese articles in an urgent manner.

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Yes, we can attend news gatherings and interviews for you.

Please let us know the date/venue, the purpose of the article and profile of interviewees, as well as the question content and we will let you know whether we can take the order.

However, it is the responsibility of the client to make any required appointments. Please confirm the date for the interview(s) ahead of time to the interviewee. We can also organize a camera person. Extra charges will be billed.

Yes, you can. We will check the boilerplate of your company agreement or can provide ours if you prefer.

A test article (up to 2,000 characters) can be provided for a discounted price after a job order is placed. The purpose is to check the quality of the work and to confirm communication. If you wish to use the test-written article as an official piece of content, a full fee will be payable.

We are happy to re-write articles if the content does not include keywords you have given us or the direction of the articles is not aligned with what was initially decided. We will also fix misspelling and other errors, as well as unnatural Japanese expressions that may include unnecessary twists in sentences. For other amendments and content additions, we kindly ask for an additional fee.

We can guarantee up to 30 articles be created within a month after receiving an order. We also take orders for large-volume articles. In the past, our company has successfully delivered a maximum of 250 articles in one month.

We can conduct research on Japanese keywords and plan the creation of articles. Research on keywords is implemented using research tools such as Keyword Planner. We can also investigate what types of keywords your competitors are using on their website to attract their customers.

Yes but this is a separately paid service in addition to creating Japanese articles. We kindly ask that you share with us your target clientele and we will create a plan for article creation that includes researching suitable keywords.

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